There are several factors that make SHEAF HOLDINGS LTD the most appropriate Company to supply Scaffoldings for hire and the advantages are:

  • Our scaffolding System gives our Customers confidence in safety and complete productivity. It is so versatile that all our clients ‘needs are satisfied. No loose of fittings. The brace spares are integrated. Compact for storing, transportation and only a minimum labour training are required from our client.
  • SHEAF has the most advanced scaffolding system in town, made of 100% steel, simple to erect and to dismantle, then to save up money and time. The more hire period, the better discount.
  • The superior smooth Concrete finish and the speed of construction require the use of Scaffolding and Formwork System. This factor has made Sheaf’s Equipment an attractive choice instead of timbers and eucalyptus poles.
  • All the necessary steps had been taken to ensure a continuous training in favour of our workers. And increasingly, we would like to take on more people to extend our personnel, including fellow females.
  • There is no fear of obsolescence, for this is one of the major Hiring Company’s concerns. We keep good relations with our manufacturer from South Africa .
  • Financial advantages can be emphasized, among them:–Hires reduce taxable fixed assets. From this aspect, rental equipment expenditures are deductible as an expense. Taxes and depreciation are the Company’s problems – A Contractor can conduct his business with a lower investment. For a long period contract, our clients benefit a huge discount up to 50%. Then, he will use his Labour Force more effectively by transferring equipment co-ordination to the Hiring Company. These factors make the Contractors free to manage their jobs.

        Uses of some of our equipment

  • ‘B’ Clamp: a clamp with two hook- shaped-prongs used for connecting tubular walers to the flanges of economy or wall form panels.
  • Band –and-plate coupler: a type of “U” shaped double coupler used for securing two tubes in parallel or at right angles to each other.
  • Base jack: a base plate, provided with a screw jack, which is used to ensure individual adjustment of the height of each leg of scaffold or support system.
  • Box floor centre: a telescopic sheet metal box beam of adjustable length used to support decking for a floor slab.
  • Brace: a scaffold tube fixed diagonally with respect to vertical or horizontal tubes of a scaffold, to ensure stability and to prevent distortion of the scaffolding.
  • Cantilever bracket: a fabricated bracket which connects onto the side of a standard. It provides an end or side extension to support a slab stop end or walkway access.
  • Channel: a narrow panel up to 3,0m in length (75 to 125mm wide) which serves a dual function of accommodating the tie system and acting as a soldier or leapfrog panel in the wall form panel system. The channel is also compatible to the economy panel system.
  • Column box: a vertical arrangement of prefabricated panels which when assembled will form the required shape of a specified concrete column.
  • Connector: a tubular component approximately 200mm long with a central flange. It aligns the ends of standards or tubular frames and has one hole at each end through which toggle pins can be passed, enabling the connected tubes to be used in tension.
  • Decking (deck panels): steel panels used to support a concrete slab or other member.
  • Economy panel: a steel formwork panel with built in stiffeners, enabling a reduction in the number of material required. It can easily be erected by unskilled labour. It is used to construct walls, columns, beams, slab stop ends, floors, and foundations.
  • Ledger: a longitudinal horizontal member fixed to the standards.
  • Prop: an adjustable telescopic compression member used as temporary support. It is made up of a tubular outer with an adjustable threaded collar (for fine adjustments) and a tubular inner with holes drilled along its length (for coarse adjustments).
  • Scaffold tube: this wall thickness high yield steel tube and other fittings like Swivel coupler are required for every ten square metres of wall area to ensure more stability.
  • Standard: a vertical tool used in the construction of tubular scaffolding or support work for transmitting a load to the base plate;
  • Toe board: a barrier along the sides and ends of platform and intended to prevent tools, materials and workers from falling or slipping off the platform.